Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Everyday

For thirty three years Christ laid His life down.  Daily.  There was the heart wrenching day nailed to the cross, curtain torn, two days in a tomb that changed the future of every soul ever birthed and to be.  His purpose- His death in exchange for our life.  But those habitual three decades He spent with a beating human heart, part man, part glorious God..He felt, He hurt, was tempted, was betrayed, was loved, was hated, and yet never stumbled on the path God laid before Him, because He sacrificed His own path.

Jesus's life was not taken from him on the cross, it was offered, just as it was every moment of the hours and minutes and days he clocked here in the flesh.  An offering that is wasted on us if we don't receive and duplicate, duplicate and offer up...laying our own lives and all the baggage that clings, down with cries of "Not my will, but yours be done!" even through terrified, clenched teeth.
Easter is for everyday because the Gospel is for everyday.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. This is my command: Love each other. 
John 15:13-17

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This New Season

It's hard for me not to pause in the first days of spring and just breathe in slow deep breathes of it's fresh, hopeful air, exhaling the baggage of the cold, locked inside winter months.  Spring has healing power.  And hope.  Hope that summer is so close.. there'll be park play dates, backyard BBQ's, tan lines, after dinner family strolls, bare feet on the earth, late night convos on the faded patio furniture over sweet tea, and no heinous after school pick up parking lot jams to battle.  Spring just beautifully reeks of birth, life, growth, and new beginnings doesn't it?

I felt a stirring today as I opened my dining room window, His whispers flowing in on the breeze..

Breathe it in, don't be anxious about what's next, I'm in every season and they're each beautiful in their own right. Be present. Dwell in the season I've given you. 

Mmm, I'm soaking that up, loving today, rejoicing over what's springing up before my eyes.  It was a long hard winter friends, but it's a new season, let's be overcome with the thawing and new life that's emerging through the soil of our hearts.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Few things on this earth make passion rise so effortlessly within me more than foster and orphan care (add abortion to that as well).   The ignored innocent without a voice.  I've come to realize it's my call, my purpose, what I was placed on this earth to advocate for until there's no more breath in my lungs to petition.  We all should hold a piece to solving the puzzle of injustice in our world.  If I had the chance, I would sit over coffee for hours with you, passionately hashing out your part in all this injustice and mine.

As a foster momma of almost two years I have yet to not feel my heart leap a little inside when somebody approaches me about, or I can wiggle fostering into a conversation.  There is a misconception on what the American foster system looks like and the long term for all involved.  Children who've never known stability, proper care, unconditional love, safety, and are more familiar with abuse and neglect walk through the thresholds of foster homes all across the America.  And whether their future holds adoption, reunification, or a life volleyed back and forth in the system, brokenness is part of their story.  As foster parents we get to be a part of the loving them back to wholeness, protecting them, speaking life into them until they can speak it (and believe it) for themselves, and hopefully, and because Jesus is the only one who can fully restore our hurts, lead them to Him. 

Fostering is a joyful, heart wrenching, God leaning, free falling task, dripping with crazy privilege...I was crazy moved and have no words more honest and all encompassing to give those considering becoming foster parents than this gripping video that was created to bring light to a foster child's plight and insight to foster parents and those considering.

All of us who have a Hope, have a place in this.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Roman: 4 Years

Roman Atticus,

Four years old...alllready?!  Wasn't it just months ago you popped into our world sporting all that glorious black hair, with such ridic ease that I would relive your birth daily?  Time needs to take a chill, but bubba I am pumped about this year for you, more toddler; preschoolin' big boy is in the house now!  You're so excited about going to (pre)school in the fall and I know you're going to love it.  Three was a good solid year for your independence to really develop and your stubborn spirit to rise to the occasion (mom's are good at making even "testy" personality traits sound all kinds of wonderful) and your creative and imaginative side to totally erupt with goodness.  I came to realize this year that you have as much fun playing by yourself as with anyone else, and unorganized chaos makes you anxious and crabby (I get you totally Pickle).  You are so comfy in your own skin and oblivious to being anybody other than yourself.  Love that.  And boy you love our family so so well.  Out of everyone in the house you compliment me the most ("You're such a good mom!" "Momma you are sooo pretty and beautifuuuuul!") and I can promise you that never gets old.  You play with Zito all day long, smother lil momma with kisses and baby talk, are Roc's biggest fan and sidekick, and love being with your daddy.  We're so blessed to call you ours, to get to raise you up and encourage all of your talents and quirks and continue to watch your handsome boyishness slowly morph into the extraordinary man God is creating you to be.  Happy birthday my Rome Sicle Pickle, you are a treasure!!

Love you more than you love vacuums and bread sticks times infinity,


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Insecurity isn't something I've dealt too much with in the last decade.  Yet here I am, fresh "pastor's wife" (the quotations are to emphasize how ridic that still sounds) and I'm feeling like a first time momma, losing my single friends and my new mom friends trying to talk me into the minivan and not spanking.  It's the title, the formality..I've never liked labels being slapped on me like, "This is who you are now, make sure you live up to the stereotype!!".  My insides get all queasy and my heart gets all rebellious when I'm expected to be someone other than me.  I'm rolling my eyes at my own obnoxiousness with you.  

I feel so far from qualifying for the majority of the titles I hold in life, and yet in that honest humanity I see God's bigness and the obviousness of His workmanship.  Through the growing and accepting that no suffocating box of expectancy is big enough to contain who God has called me us to be, I hear Him clearly speaking to my self doubt..I created YOU for this, not a robot to be a carbon copy..YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made..YOU feel comfortable in your skin because you're a custom design, tailor made, one of a kind..Be that, be YOU.  He designed us to be who He created us to be, look straight to Him when it comes to ministry, parenting, friendships, etc. because a creator knows every stroke of his masterpiece and everyone else is just observing the glory of his skill.

I'm gonna be me, you be you; lets stop feeling we need to squeeze ourselves into roles and molds created by man, not our God, and rock what He's given us while accepting what He hasn't. :)

Since this is the kind of life we have chosen, the life of the Spirit, let us make sure that we do not just hold it as an idea in our heads or a sentiment in our hearts, but work out its implications in every detail of our lives. That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. We have far more interesting things to do with our lives. Each of us is an original. (Galatians 5:25, 26 MSG)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Clanging Cymbals

I think as Christians we sometimes think God is only as powerful as our best argument for Him. That as inhabitants of a sinful world we have to vehemently scream from the rooftops, "This is wrong!  Be more like us!  We're forgiven, therefore have it allll together!"  I think we get lost in the laws and forget the sequoia tree in our eyes when it comes to those who don't know the character of Jesus or the peace that a life grounded on His Words bring.  We want "sinners" to be instantly "fixed" so we can be gratified and move onto the next soul that needs a savin', because Jesus told us to walk people through the Sinners Prayer, not make disciples (ahem, read my sarcasm).  We argue points about sins with people (and many time strangers via social media) who know nothing different, who don't know a God who sent His son to bring freedom.  We get distracted by how pretty and neat Christianity should look and forgot how hideous and messy we looked when we met Jesus ourselves.  Our thinking is backwards if our expectancy is for people to follow the Bible verbatim before they meet Jesus.  Enough with our clanging cymbals of religiosity, God is best shown in our weaknesses, our authentic humanness- not our loud mouthed arguments over things that will never be agreed on between hearts that beat for two different lords.  We're wasting our time proving the critics right (disputing fools and the deceived) when there are relationships to be had, love to be given, freedom to be led to.  I will be the first to admit there is no gray area when it comes to the Word, but have we forgotten that love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8) and who the judge of the world is (James 4:12)?  I'm scared for us when in our Christian circles we justify "lesser sins" for each other but call out fire and brimstone in the public square for those that haven't a clue what a mess they're making of their lives.

If we as Christ followers need a soap box to shout from, let it be on a platform for those that aren't given a voice or a fighting chance, let our passionate and righteous anger be cultivated to advocate for the unborn, the orphan, the teenager aging out of the foster care system with their whole existence in a garbage bag at their side, the millions began trafficked, the homeless, the handicapped.  Let us save our breath and fight for injustice, let His love lead us to help cover the rampant brokenness, and His grace open the eyes of the lost.

But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless. 
Titus 3:9

Wednesday, February 26, 2014



 I'm I got this, not because my life is balanced to perfection, but because I'm finally feeling like I'm easing into the flexibility that you have to have when you're wearing more hats (so to speak) then you ever thought you would and you're married to a man who has no limits (in the best way).  Living the life I'm supposed to be, i.e. grace-filled and full, and loving it.  We're rocking a beautiful season right now.

I'm anticipating...spriiiing y'all!!  Sunday afternoon I sat on the couch about crawling out of my skin because I wanted to hit the park and take a long pleasant stroll with the fam.  Cabin fever is a real thing right now.  Love you winter, I honestly think you're the prettiest coziest season, but I'm just ready to be done and get some sun on my pasty self, you've just been so brutal this year!

I'm contemplating...lots of different ideas for our little downtown church/coffee shop and what God's vision is for us in The Clem.  A lot of exciting things are popping up, but I want to keep my sights on what He wants and will bring Him glory.

I'm working sassy mouth.  Eww, this has always been my biggest downfall (and probably always will be), I speak too often and with too much of my realist perspective stuffed into every word.  My heart has always craved to be wise, but my mouth needs to get the hint and shut itself before I appear foolish.  

I'm loving...Hunter boots.  Yes, everybody and their momma is wearing them, and yes, I am anxiously waiting for them to come into stock at Nordstrom so I can snag a pair for with my birthday money just in time for those lovely April showers.  Uppity rain boots totally speaks to my farm raised but always meant for the city self.  Farm girl chic for the win!  And alsooooo...white kitchen cabinets.  I've always been obsessed with kitchens like the two beauts pictured below, and so currently I'm all over my man to plan a weekend to get those cabinets pearly white.

Prints, Brights and Layers.
LOVE a pressed tin ceiling. So beautiful.
Country meets industrial

Friday, February 14, 2014

Gimme the Slow and Steady

I smiled to myself the other night as I poured the strawberry shake I just made into the two waiting mason jars.  Ricardo was already asleep on the couch, baby girl in his arms snoozing right along, the big boys that should have been long asleep were yelling from their room after hearing the blender do it's magic, "Save some for us for morning!" and I paused for a moment and just soaked in all the beautifully unceremonious chaos that my life has become.  Life after marriage can be such a cliche, especially when you have two SUV's parked in your drive and four kids, but I would chose the slow and steady, rock solid foundation for myself and family every time.

I'm not mad about melting into the best man I know, being able to finish his sentences and not even having to ask his thoughts, that I can be grouchy with him while wearing no makeup and smelling of baby spit up and he likes me still, or that I have the space and freedom to dream because I have a husband who believes I could lasso the moon if I wanted and would be willing to get it for me himself if I wasn't in the mood (which is more likely).

Our love isn't a glamorous one and though Hollywood may never come knocking to get the rights to our story, I whole heartedly embrace the predictability of our good ol' fashioned marriage.  Life is enough of a crazy ride, easy love should be cherished and cultivated on the couch with Netflix and the "good snacks" when the littles are tucked away.  The romance will come and go, the flowers will wilt, but these are the moments our marriage is built on, the just being together that will never grow old, even as we do.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Foster Care Can Do For Your Heart

Last winter I remember laying in bed late one night devouring Katie Davis's book (read it ASAP), sobbing as her words spoke of the horror she felt in not feeling as deep of a love or responsibility towards other children as she did for her own.  Her conviction seared through my faith, never had I even considered I was called to love every child (or person) with the love and passion I show my own.  With that brokenness and fresh clarity I prayed for God to make my heart love that way, to give love without favor.

Then this past November came and baby girl, and that first time in my arms, still sporting her striped pink and blue hat and hospital bracelet...I looked at Ricardo and said, "I love her like she's mine." while tears of both joy and fear squeezed out the corners of my eyes.  I didn't know that sort of instant unconditional love and bond was possible (for me) outside of a babe that came from my own self.  God answered my prayer and simultaneously I felt the cost of loving so deeply.  Loving to depths of uncertainty and zero control and facing the very likely emotion of loss.  And then He multiplied that prayer and grew my heart and made room for a momma that despite my best selfish efforts I find myself in her corner wanting to see her succeed at being the best option for her children and prove that the system sometimes does help right wrongs.

It was a dangerous prayer I prayed a year ago, but this love the Father has let me feel, this mercy, is so good and true and right and so reminiscent of His love that I can't find my selfish self in it.  He's showing me, vulnerability produces truth and depth, walls produce bitterness and self righteousness.  And as we're walking out this crazy love with peace and privileged hearts, I'm learning to let it all go and feeling life differently with blood rushing through a new, pliable, tender heart as I free fall in His grace.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Baby Turns One

My Zito Petito Petey Baby,
You are a whole, whopping year old today.  Let me take a minute and collect myself because ummm I thought we had an agreement that you were gonna stay swaddled up in the crook of my arm for the rest of your life?!  You're my baby, why you gotta go and turn a year?
January 30th 2013 I remember clearly...waking up at exactly 4:35am (I can't bear to erase that alarm from my clock) to grab some Tim Ho's before we hit the hospital, getting hooked up to the Pitocin to evict your lil booty from my rib cage (seriously bubba, you were wedged up so far you were boggling the nurses minds), Ms Aniela and Aunt Alyssa arriving to take their front row seats, the laughter and energy that filled the room waiting for your arrival (the nurses and doctor were having fun alongside us), your heart rate dropping pretty significantly with my contractions and being told I needed to start pushing because I needed to get you out, laughing and telling the nurse that after the constant compliments on how amazing I take labor how she would withdraw them when she saw what a lazy pusher I was, Ms. Lauren making it in perfect time to watch your birth on her lunch break, not believing everyone when they saw that what little hair you did have was blonde, the ease and joy and perfection as you slipped into our world all chunky and over the top presh.  I was instantly obsessed with you baby love.  You had me, and still do.  Your first year has been such a pleasure, you are crazy sweet, easy going, and none of us can get enough of your dance moves, antics, or scrunch faced grins.  You are the type of bubba that makes a momma want 23 more.  I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs describing your lovable quirks and my deep affections for you, but bubba I think you know how your momma feels.
Love you fiercely my baby, thanks for being exactly what I prayed for and more than I knew I needed.  Here's to the best year of both of our lives, just don't let the next one fly by so quickly. :)


Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy (Almost) 32

My man will be 32 on Sunday.  We'll do a little celebrating, there'll be gifts (the boys already picked out a Duck Commander devotional for him all on their own) and salsa and cake and it'll be the first Sunday he preaches at our little coffee shop/community theater inner city church that we've loved and served at since the very start of us, as the pastor.  Yep, I'll give you a moment to process that...I'm a pastor's wife.  I never would've guessed it either, but that's how God seems to plot my life.."Hmmm what's the most UN- Emily Kate thing I can throw at her so she'll have to totally lean into me?  Pastor's wife?  Perfect!"  God has been speaking this since early October and then the process began.  I'm still trying to grasp how He trusts me so much.

Our hope for the church would be that it's one that is a tight knit family, with the financial freedom to serve the community unhindered, welcomes those that might look a little raggedy, forgotten, and broken, and equip those inside to multiply His grace on the outside.  If God will bless and sustain someone who is obedient in being a full time general manager (of a small automotive supplier), full time pastor, full time family man, and with joy and peace to boot, I'm straight up confident it's Ricardo.

In my life I've never met a soul as rock solid faithful and trusting of God, completely unphased by limits, energized by challenges, unafraid of failure, and unsatisfied with the status quo.  His intense drive and belief that when God says with Him all things are possible He isn't lying, is what drew me to him from the start (okay I'll give some credit to the hair and manly frame as well).  He's just so exactly what I needed in life that it's obnoxious.  So here's to the next year of your life Papi, I'm slightly terrified of what you'll lead us into next, but you know I'll be beside you in it because I know who is leading you. :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shared Lives

Many times as Christians we believe it's the positive words, the clich├ęd phrases, the verses offered with a side smile and shoulder squeeze, the "I'm praying for you!"'s that lend the biggest support. But sometimes, and for me, most of the time, it's sitting in a tight circle of like hearted friends, letting it all hang out,  And sometimes like last night, in a Starbucks over chicken bites from the pizza joint next door and lattes.

There is so much encouragement being surrounded by friends who are driven by the same passion, carry the same burden, and spur you on through the hard while you together nod knowingly, He'll make it all beautiful in the end.  There's so much grace in conversation that is dominated by tales of our walking through injustices trying to leave the paths we cross with more hope, even if following God blindly through it is at our hearts expense.  Conversation that closes down the coffee shop and spills into a cold car in the parking lot out front..conversation that turns into prayer..prayer that turns into a refreshed spirit.  The burden is always lighter, the call easier, the privilege even more magnificent when it's shared.

Friday, January 10, 2014


The last couple of days the two babies have been blowing out diapers and suffering from some sort of stomach bug. Both Zito and the Mommas take it like champs and if my house didn't smell like an infirmary and you didn't hear the constant buzz of my washer and dryer taking care of business, you might not even know they're ailing.  Sweeties I tell ya!  Yesterday as I cuddled the Mommas and spoke softly to her my heart ached to take away her discomfort, even as insignificant as it seemed.  If my babies feel an ounce of pain I feel two ounces.

As parents our lives pause and we're drawn into the moment when our kids are sick or something is off, we hold them tighter, speak more tenderly, and love them deeper.  God laid a picture in my mind of the parallel of how He loves us the same way in our sickness and weaknesses..pulling us closer, sheltering us from any added drama, wrapping us in His arms and repeatedly, soothingly whispering to our spirit, this too shall pass.  The outside might not even see a hint of our distress and hurt, but He sees and He feels it.  He fills in in our lacking when we don't have the strength to pull our weight another moment.  He holds us while we rest and recoup and loves us extra fiercely til we're whole.  He feels every hurt, collects every tear, and becomes our strength.  He is our comfort.

You have taken account of my wanderings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?  Psalm 56:8

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We Can Do Hard Things

Since the leaves began to turn the colors of fall God has been planting lil words in me about what exactly I'm capable of with Him.  He's laid things in my path and in the deepest alcoves of my heart, things I've always thought others more well suited for. He's pulling me towards things I would never choose for myself, things that call me to lay beside my comfy, familiar mind hiccup of "Well when is about me?"  It really just never is though, ya know?  Things that might look small and easy and insignificant to some, maybe insurmountable to others.  But necessary to Him.  And look so hard to me.

I want to plow through the manure that's guaranteed in life and patiently hold out through the stank to see the harvest that's produced.  I want to be a follower of Christ not a follower of the American church.  When injustice and I cross paths, I want to give righting it my best shot.  I want my voice to be heard, even if my palms are sweating and knees shaking, saying, "Here I am, send me."  I want this to be the first of all the rest of years I'm gifted that I'm brave to lead a life that looks so contrary to Emily Kate, that He is glorified even in the failures, especially in my failures.

Sitting here at Barnes & Noble on the eve of 2014 sipping my hazelnut macchiato, I'm sensing the challenges crouching behind the next round of 365 days.  But I also can see the fruit and the beauty He will make of anything that life didn't intend to be as such.  

Want to jump on the New Year bandwagon with me and speak courageous things over 2014?  We can do hard things, brave things, unselfish sacrificial things, because we serve a God who makes all things possible.  

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God.” (Mark 10:27 NLT)


Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

 He was created of a mother whom He created. He was carried by hands that He formed. He cried in the manger in wordless infancy. He, the Word, without whom all human eloquence is mute.           Saint Augustine

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Preparing Him Room

Adherents of Christmas are often overextended but Christmas worshipers are joyful.  Are you rushing or feasting?   -CS Lewis

I'm that often overextended momma come December 25th, I like to force all the cute holiday stuff even when it leads to being more trouble than it's worth.  It's important though ya know...Jesus is the reason for tree lightings and presents under the tree and peppermint mochas and painting ornaments.  Ummm...right?  But really, He isn't legitimately to blame all the holiday goodness on, it's for us, for tradition and excitement and having something cute to instagram.  It's all well in theory (and don't get me wrong I.LOVE.IT.ALL.), but I can easily get wrapped into the fanfare and worship "Christmas" instead of Christ.  I get all caught up in the rushing and glitter and sugar and am exhausted by the time I'm ready for the worship and adoration and the reason for it all.

Our King came into the world quietly in a barn, surrounded by stinky animals, his parents and eventually people who traveled expectantly to have a glimpse of Him.  Nothing fancy, heck the total opposite of fancy.  I want my heart to grasp that image in the days leading up to Christmas..the simple wonder of His birth, the expectancy and longing to see Him.  The fact that He is the gift, the reason, and much more than enough without all of the trimmings and extras.

I've been dwelling on the line in Joy To The World, "Let every heart prepare Him room.." as I teach it to the boys for their Christmas program, and love the thought that though there was no room at an inn for our Savior's first breaths, we have the crazy privilege to allow Him access to our hearts and our lives, to fill us and take up all the room He can stand.  There is lots and lots of joy in that, and I hope this season that's where my heart will be found, in preparation for more of Him.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Full Arms, Full Heart

Well friends, I think four youngin's is our sweet spot, not sure I'll ever be able to go back!  We've yet again crossed the threshold (at least by American standards) into "big family" territory.  My days are more chock full of seemingly mundane things than ever, but the fullness is welcomed with arms wide open.  Even though almost nightly I end the day rubbing my lower back and moving like I'm three times my 27 years..I have no complaints.  If it is rare that I don't have a babe in my arms to snuggle while I go about my business or any time to sit, then I count myself blessed to the max.

In the last year or so God has prodded me to prioritize peace over plans and balance, and I'm pumped about this.  There is all kinds of freedom in following His lead and standing on what works and what doesn't.  I'm telling ya, getting a call that you'll be fostering a newborn (who requires three visitations a week) while your nine month old is resting on your hip, older two are chasing each other through the house, and husband is scurrying around trying to get everything around for a community outreach you should be walking out the door to attend and still feeling all kinds of joy is a direct result of pursuing peace over balance.  And the joy and peace is still going strong three weeks in, God is all over this baby girl.

Lil momma is teaching us to live for today, because tomorrow (though so sad to consider) it isn't promised that she'll remain in our home.  We are so grateful to be the ones who get to love her fiercely in this presh stage of her life.  And as friends and church family snuggle her and speak life over her or I watch Ricardo and the bubbas with her, I'm full of peace and so honored that God chose us for matter how our stories end.

He is the Father to the fatherless and we are just blessed enough to be His vessels, and that is enough.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lets Shop Ethical, Ethical

For the first time in nine years, I skipped out on Black Friday shopping.  No long lines, stinky strange bodies pushing past me to get to the $1.99 DVD displays first, or the exhaustion after the chaos.  Don't get me wrong, I love the thrill of the sales big time, but the little newborn baby girl that just popped into our lives was a bigger distraction than saving some green.  And lets be real, Cyber Monday is the real deal mmmmkay; sweats on, coffee by my side, and nary a stank body in sight.  

I'm pretty great at getting 90% of my gift buying done by December 1st and this year is no exception.  My bigger issue is having an answer for people when they ask what's on my Christmas list, usually I can't come up with a single dang idea, ask my mom and sis it drives them crazy.  But this year as I scrounged for things I'd like (besides the always appreciated gift cards).. handcrafted, one of a kind, ethically made things kept slipping into my vision. I love Target as much as the next girl, well really probably even more than the next girl, but there's something organic knowing the name and location of the creator of a gift (and crazy bonus points are given to the pieces that were made in impoverished countries by women who seem unemployable and are easily trafficked or starving because of it).  Soooo with that being said, I threw together some cute gift ideas that support small business or those who wouldn't be able to obtain fair wages otherwise!  Put on your sweat bands and spandex this Christmas, whip out that credit card and Lets Shop Ethiiical, Ethical!  Yes I'm aware that last sentence is ridic, but when you're a child of the 80's you gotta slip in as many Olivia Newton John references as possible. You're welcome.

1 FACE - Custom Watercolor Portrait

Image of Cow in Grass Canvas



Heritage, Psalm 127 Canvas
*Whatever is Lovely T-Shirt